Roland Freisler, President of the People’s Court, personally issued 2600 death sentences in Nazi Germany

Dr. Carl Goerdeler in front of the Volksgerichtshof, Freisler to the left, Bundesarchiv, Bild 151–58–16 / CC-BY-SA 3.0; Goerdeler was sentenced to death on 9. September 1944 and executed on 2. February 1945

1933 was a good year for German Lawyers. Jobs had been scarce before due to the world economic crisis and the many men completing their legal studies and pushing into the labour market. Now positions became available due to forced retirement or emigration of Jewish, liberal, or social democratic civil…

The truth about King Arthur’s England

Photo by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

We all know the stories about King Arthur’s England — the Romano-British civilization fighting a rearguard action against Barbarian invaders, for a brief moment unified, ruled by King Arthur from Camelot, this shining city on a hill, the realm policed by a group of God-fearing knights. And we do know…

Christian ‘Martyrs’ in medieval Cordoba

Entrance Gate, Great Mosque of Cordoba (Photograph by Author)

Terrorism is the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims. The word itself was first used in 1794, but terrorism itself is older — like Jewish zealots in ancient times attacking Romans and the Assassins (Wikipedia, 2021a), an Islamic sect famous for the covert murder of their enemies. …

Railroads in 1857 — the railroad network in the North is much denser than in the South — Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, DC 20540–4650 USA dcu

Slavery and Economic Disparity in the Pre-Civil War USA

Today data is readily available on the internet. Do you want to know details about the bike-sharing program in New York? Just take a look — Do you want to know details about crime in Toronto? You are welcome —…

New York and Environs, Library of Congress,

Federal Income and Spending in 1860

If anybody doesn’t like taxes — those were the days. In 1860 the only federal tax was an import tax, and that’s it (excise taxes and the first Income tax were introduced in 1861 to finance the Civil War). The federal government spending was…

The United States in 1857 — free states green, slave-holding states dark red if importing slaves, light red if exporting slaves —

The ten years between 1850 and 60 were good years for the American South: cotton, its main product, was in high demand, tariffs were low and getting lower, and politicians from the South controlled the US States Government. Money was rolling in — in 1860, the average male’s net worth…

Michael Stein

I am interested in Sustainability, Philosophy, and History and have a background in Manufacturing Management and Software Development.

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