Roland Freisler, President of the People’s Court, personally issued 2600 death sentences in Nazi Germany

Dr. Carl Goerdeler in front of the Volksgerichtshof, Freisler to the left, Bundesarchiv, Bild 151–58–16 / CC-BY-SA 3.0; Goerdeler was sentenced to death on 9. September 1944 and executed on 2. February 1945

The truth about King Arthur’s England

Photo by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

Christian ‘Martyrs’ in medieval Cordoba

Entrance Gate, Great Mosque of Cordoba (Photograph by Author)

Railroads in 1857 — the railroad network in the North is much denser than in the South — Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, DC 20540–4650 USA dcu

New York and Environs, Library of Congress,

The United States in 1857 — free states green, slave-holding states dark red if importing slaves, light red if exporting slaves —

Michael Stein

I am interested in Sustainability, Philosophy, and History and have a background in Manufacturing Management and Software Development.

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